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Gamay – “disloyal” Child Of Pinot Noir


Gamay (pronounced gah-maye) is most well known for being the main grape (18,682 hectares/98% of area under vine) in Beaujolais (pronounced boe-joe-lay). For the past couple of hundred years, Gamay was primarily known to make simple, fruity red wines, especially when compared to its posh neighbour Burgundy’s Pinot Noir. Where Pinot Noir is seen as elegant, complex and full of ageing...

Viognier: bouncing back from extinction


Why Viognier, and what is it exactly? The WSET Level 2 text describes Viognier (pronounced vee oh nyay) as famously perfumed, fruity and full bodied, potentially a rival to the great Chardonnay itself. That’s enough to pique my interest: how can such a seemingly wonderful grape be so under-represented? Thus, I started digging into its history, revealing a tale of perhaps deserved decline...

Hans Zhong

Tech worker by day, geeky wine enthusiast by night.

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